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ZTY-WOFLMID-6 Mid-Size Write On Flag Ties -6"

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Versatile and indispensable, our ZTY-WOFLMID-6 Mid-Size Write On Flag Ties - 6" cater to your need for efficient organization and communication. Featuring a substantial 6-inch tail, these flag ties boast a generously sized permanent epoxy write-on plate, providing the perfect canvas for your crucial messages. Simply use a permanent marker to imprint your information with ease.


Designed for a multitude of industries, including Electrical, Telecommunication, and General Contracting, these Write On Flag Ties become invaluable tools in managing cables, wires, and equipment. The variety of available colors enhances your organizational efficiency, allowing for distinct identification purposes. Whether you're marking parts or conveying essential service messages, these ties rise to the occasion.


Crafted from UV-stabilized nylon, these ties are not only reliable but also durable, ensuring longevity even in challenging environments. The robust construction of these cable ties makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, standing up to the rigors of various work settings.


Embrace the convenience of Write On Cable Ties as you streamline your workflow, enhance communication, and maintain order in your projects. Trust in the quality and versatility of our Mid-Size Write On Flag Ties to meet the demands of your dynamic work environment. Elevate your cable management and labeling practices with this essential tool for professionals in Electrical, Telecommunication, and General Contracting fields.