Ensure your labels will stand the test of time with our high quality thermal transfer labels!

One of the main reasons why customers use our high quality thermal labels is to ensure barcodes last the life of the product. We offer a wide variety of coated paper and synthetic facestock materials that can be used with black or color thermal transfer ribbons. This print quality is excellent and in fact, the label can become a qualifying part of your UL recognized product when using our recommended ribbons.

Thermal transfer printing is the most widely used method for bar code label printing. A thermal print head will generate heat energy that in turn will bond resin from the printer ribbon onto the label facestock. This will create very durable barcodes or any image you design.

You can choose between 1" and 3" ID roll cores, web widths and 1" to 4.5" and up to 6 wind options. Outer roll diameters can be custom selected too. This will suit whichever type of thermal transfer printer your company uses.

We welcome you to give us a call to learn more about our high quality thermal transfer labels.

Thermal transfer labels are highly durable and are made of the highest quality films. There are many uses including:

  • Asset tagging
  • Inventory identification
  • Outdoor applications
  • Circuit board tracking
  • Product identification
  • Sample and file tracking
  • Permanent identification
  • Automotive labels

We provide a variety of different types of thermal transfer labels such as:

  • Rectangle
  • Barbells
  • Rat-Tails
  • Flag style
  • Custom shapes

Many of the thermal transfer label combinations are available as stock items and can be custom engineered by request. We also offer quality, UL qualifying resin and wax resin combo ribbons that will provide a durable crystal-clear print.

If you don't need highly durable labels then direct thermal printing may be perfect for you. Direct thermal labels fill a need for low cost labels that do not need to perform in harsh environments.

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