We offer a fully custom solution from die creation to manufacturing your labels.

Label Printing Proofs

Over the years we have produced some very incredible and, in some cases, patented products at our customer's request. We love helping businesses with the most out-of-the-box ideas! We want to help bring those ideas to life. Let our engineering and design teams come up with a custom labels and dies solution just for you. ZT Labels™ offers many options for both custom labels and dies including…

  • Standard and custom sizes
  • A multitude of different materials
  • Hundreds of dies in stock and custom designs
  • Many sizes ready to fit your immediate needs
Custom Labels and Dies

The next step after your labels are designed is to cut the printed material to the desired final form.

Cutting dies are metallic cylinders with shallow blades on the surface that cut your material to form the labels and remove the excess material matrix. We offer hundreds of cutting dies to choose from and we can make a custom die for you. We are determined to make your labels stand out from your competition. It does not matter the color, size, or texture you desire! If you are looking for something simple, we can help you with that too. Dies can be made from solid steel or flexible steel materials and can even be designed to cut from the opposite side to create finger-lift edges or other unique features. Die cut labels are available for you in continuous rolls or on blank label sheets. It doesn't matter how big or small you need. We will be happy to help build a custom die and label to fit your specific needs.

If your business is ready to use customized your labels built to a specific shape, color and size, contact us today! We look forward to assisting you!

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