Pressure sensitive adhesives form an instantaneous bond under light pressure. Your business will love them!

Pressure sensitive adhesive tape, also known as PSA, is a major category of adhesive tapes that are a thin and flexible material with single or double sides coating. PSA tapes are used in many applications. New uses for them are found daily, however are primarily used for fastening and joining. People love PSA because they so easy to use.

Some of the choices include:

  • Pattern adhesive
  • Permanent acrylics
  • Rubber based
  • Hot melts
  • Face-to-face applications
  • Self-laminating labels

There are many advantages of pressure sensitive adhesives tapes.

Some of these advantages include thinner and lighter materials, bonds dissimilar materials without incompatibility concerns, they provide vibration dampening and noise reduction, reduces the assembly time, it will eliminate the need for surfacing refinishing, and provides uniform thickness and gap filling properties.

The three main adhesives that are used for PSA tapes are rubber, acrylic, and silicone. Rubber is the most cost effective and will offer quick stick capabilities. It is not recommended for high heat applications. Acrylic is the best for long-term and can take higher temperatures. Silicone will bond well with silicone substrates and is the most expensive.

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