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THS-201 Thermal Transfer Self Laminating Label .80" X 1.44"

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Film Type: 727 Vinyl
Print Area (Width): 0.50"
Print Area (Height): 0.5"
Print Area Color: White
Core Size: 3"
Roll Size: 8" (Max)
Wind Option: Face Out - Tail First
Write On Height: 0.5"
Vertical Repeat: 0.65"
Web Width: 3.7"
Ft Per 1000 Labels: 34.37
Ribbon Length Per 1000: 34.37'
Labels Per Roll: 10000
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The THS-201 Thermal Transfer Self Laminating Label provides excellent cable and wire identification for use in the electrical, telecommunication, medical, and data center industries. With dimensions of 0.80" x 1.44", these vinyl labels offer precise and improved labeling capabilities.


The innovative design combines both functionality and aesthetics, featuring a white thermal transfer printable area that allows for clear and legible information. The transparent tail section wraps around wires, serving as a protective barrier to prevent smudging or smearing, ensuring accurate labeling even in challenging conditions.


The strong adhesive backing ensures that the labels will remain in place without peeling or fading over time. The wrap around self-laminating feature not only keeps your label intact but also prevents any accidental smudging or damage to the printed text.


Available in various sizes, these versatile THS-201 Thermal Transfer Self Laminating Labels can be used on a wide range of electrical equipment and cables. From organizing data center racks to labeling medical devices, these labels provide a professional look while making it easier for technicians to identify specific wires or cables during maintenance tasks.

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What is Film Type?

727 Vinyl

A clear matte flexible vinyl film with a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive.

What is Core Size?

  • 1" inner core diameter comes with an 5" outer roll diameter for desktop printers; Example: (ZT1300, TLP3844, TLP2844, E4203, E4204, Ci, Cxi)
  • 3" inner core diameter comes with an 8" outer roll diameter for high capacity printers; Example: (ZT1300, 105SE, 105SL, Z4M, Z6M, I4208, CL408, CL412)

What is Wind Option?