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ZTY-WOFLMID-3 Mid-Size Write On Flag Ties - 3"

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Maximize organization and efficiency with our ZTY-WOFLMID-3 Mid-Size Write On Flag Ties - 3". These flag ties are a game-changer for anyone in the electrical, telecommunication, or general contracting industry, providing a versatile solution for cable management.


Featuring a generous 3" tail, these flag ties boast a large permanent epoxy write-on plate, allowing you to convey crucial information with ease. Simply use a permanent marker to imprint your message for clear and lasting identification.


Available in a spectrum of colors, these ties are not only functional but also customizable for unique identification purposes. Whether you're marking shut-off valves or power switches, these flag ties ensure that your important messages are easily visible.


Crafted from a UV-stabilized nylon-based material, these flag ties are engineered for reliability and durability. They can withstand the challenges of various environments, ensuring longevity and performance.


Incorporate these Write On Flag Ties into your toolkit for an efficient and organized approach to cable management. Simplify your workflow, enhance identification, and maintain control over your systems with these high-quality, versatile ties. Perfect for professionals who demand precision and clarity in their work, these ties are the ideal choice for anyone seeking a durable and customizable cable management solution. Upgrade your cable organization with ZTY-WOFLMID-3 Mid-Size Write On Flag Ties, the go-to choice for those who prioritize efficiency and clarity in their projects.