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ZTY-SSM6 Stainless Steel Mounting Base M6 Screw

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Ensure secure and hassle-free installations with the ZTY-SSM6 Stainless Steel Mounting Base M6 Screw. This durable stainless steel mount provides a reliable solution for various applications, offering versatility and longevity.


Designed for effortless installation on a range of surfaces, the ZTY-SSM6 is compatible with miniature, intermediate, or standard strength cable ties. Whether you're working on pipework, conduits, or cable bundling, this mounting base ensures a robust and enduring connection.


For optimal performance, we recommend pairing the ZTY-SSM6 with stainless steel screws, enhancing its resistance to corrosion and ensuring a lasting, reliable hold. This makes it an ideal choice for electrical, telecommunication, and general contractor projects where durability is paramount.


With a maximum tie width of 10.00mm, the ZTY-SSM6 accommodates various cable tie sizes, providing flexibility in your installations. The mount fixing hole size of 6.2mm ensures a secure fit, further contributing to the stability of your cable management system.


Compact yet sturdy, the ZTY-SSM6 features dimensions of 29.2mm in length, 15.0mm in width, and 5.2mm in height. This compact size allows for discreet placement while maintaining a strong and reliable anchor point for cable ties.


Incorporating the latest in cable tie accessory technology, the ZTY-SSM6 Stainless Steel Mounting Base M6 Screw is a reliable choice for professionals in need of top-tier cable tie mounts. Trust in its quality for your electrical, telecommunication, or general contractor projects, ensuring a secure and lasting cable management solution.