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ZTY-SS27-150 27" Stainless Steel Cable Ties - 150Lb Tensile

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Discover unparalleled strength and durability with our ZTY-SS27-150 Stainless Steel Cable Ties, designed for demanding applications in electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting. With a robust 150lb tensile strength, these 27-inch non-coated roller ball-type ties boast a self-locking mechanism for a secure and hassle-free installation experience.


The innovative enclosed head of these cable ties acts as a shield against dirt and grit, ensuring the locking mechanism remains unaffected, guaranteeing reliability in any environment. Ideal for large bundle requirements, our 26-inch long ties are the largest in our offering, providing versatility to meet your specific needs.


Crafted with precision, these stainless steel cable ties feature rounded edges to eliminate the risk of slicing or puncturing cable insulation, ensuring the safety and longevity of your installations. Our cable ties cater to a wide range of applications, providing a dependable solution for your cable management needs.


For added customization, coated ties are available upon request, offering enhanced protection and resilience. Elevate your cable management game with ZTY-SS27-150 Stainless Steel Cable Ties – the epitome of strength, reliability, and versatility. Choose a solution that stands the test of time and secures your connections in the most demanding environments.