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ZTY-SS20-150 20" Stainless Steel Cable Ties - 150Lb Tensile

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Secure your projects with our ZTY-SS20-150 20" Stainless Steel Cable Ties, engineered for reliability and strength. These non-coated roller ball type ties boast a robust 150lb tensile strength, making them the go-to choice for demanding applications in electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting projects.


Designed with a self-locking mechanism, these cable ties ensure a secure and hassle-free installation. The enclosed head adds an extra layer of protection, preventing dirt and grit from compromising the locking mechanism, ensuring longevity and durability in any environment.


Measuring at a substantial 20 inches, these stainless steel cable ties are perfect for larger bundling needs. The rounded edges are a thoughtful addition, minimizing the risk of slicing or puncturing cable insulation during application, ensuring the safety of your installations.


Tailored for diverse industries, our stainless steel zip ties are versatile and reliable. Whether you're a seasoned general contractor or working in the intricate field of telecommunications, these cable ties provide the strength and security you need.


For added customization, coated ties are available upon request, offering an extra layer of protection. Elevate your cable management with our ZTY-SS20-150 Stainless Steel Cable Ties, the epitome of strength, durability, and versatility.