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ZTY-SS05-150 5" Stainless Steel Cable Ties -150Lb Tensile

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Ensure your cables stay securely in place with our ZTY-SS05-150 5" Stainless Steel Cable Ties. Boasting a robust 150lb tensile strength, these non-coated roller ball type ties feature a self-locking design for a dependable and hassle-free installation. The enclosed head adds an extra layer of protection, preventing dirt and grit from compromising the locking mechanism.


Ideal for smaller bundles, the 5" length strikes the perfect balance between versatility and strength. The rounded edges of these stainless steel cable ties are designed to safeguard against slicing or puncturing cable insulation, ensuring the integrity of your electrical or telecommunication setups.


Looking for a different finish? Coated ties are available upon request, allowing you to customize your cable management solution to meet specific requirements. For added convenience, stainless steel screw mounts are also at your fingertips. Explore our range by searching for ZTY-SSM4 or ZTY-SSM6, or simply visit the mount head and bases tab.


Whether you're an electrical professional, a telecommunications expert, or a general contractor, our Stainless Steel Cable Ties provide the durability and security you need for your projects. Trust in the reliability of our cable ties – because when it comes to cable management, precision and strength matter most.