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ZTY-SM10 #10 Screw Mount Zip Tie Base

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Enhance the stability of your cable management with the ZTY-SM10 #10 Screw Mount Zip Tie Base. Designed for versatility, this accessory allows you to effortlessly secure it to a myriad of surfaces using a #10 screw, making it an ideal choice for electrical, telecommunication, and DIY projects.


Whether you're working with miniature, intermediate, or standard strength cable ties, the ZTY-SM10 provides a reliable anchor point for your installations. Its deep cradle design offers robust support for larger bundles of cables, ensuring a secure and organized arrangement in any application.


Ideal for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts, this screw mount zip tie base is a valuable addition to your toolkit, simplifying cable management tasks and promoting a tidy, well-organized workspace. Take advantage of its compatibility with various tie strengths, allowing you to adapt to the specific needs of your project with ease.


Invest in quality and durability with the ZTY-SM10, a cable tie accessory that caters to the demands of electrical, telecommunication, and general contractor applications. Say goodbye to cable chaos and hello to a streamlined, efficient approach to your cable management needs.