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ZTY-SM08 #08 Screw Mount Zip Tie Base

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Enhance the stability of your cable management with the ZTY-SM08 #08 Screw Mount Zip Tie Base. This versatile accessory is designed for use with miniature, intermediate, or standard strength cable ties, providing a reliable solution for a variety of applications, including electrical wiring, telecom cables, and DIY projects.


The #8 screw mount feature ensures easy installation on a wide range of surfaces, making it an ideal choice for electricians, telecommunication professionals, and general contractors. The deep cradle design of the mount provides extra support for larger bundles, ensuring a secure and organized cable management system.


Whether you're working on intricate electrical installations or tackling DIY projects, the ZTY-SM08 Screw Mount Zip Tie Base is a must-have cable tie accessory. Its robust construction and compatibility with different tie strengths make it a reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Invest in the durability and functionality of the ZTY-SM08 for efficient cable organization. Elevate your cable management game with this essential screw mount accessory, perfectly suited for the demands of the electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting industries.