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ZTY-PR7.5-50-MH 7.5" Plenum Mounting Head Ties - 50Lb Tensile

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ZTY-PR7.5-50-MH Plenum Mounting Head Ties provide a robust solution for securing cables in air handling spaces, including Plenum chambers, ensuring compliance with industry codes. With a 7.5" length and impressive 50lb tensile strength, these cable ties are designed for reliability in demanding environments.


Our ties meet UL 62275 standards, guaranteeing low smoke generation, low heat release, and exceptional mechanical strength. The UL AH-2 Mounting head cable tie features a #10 screw size, offering versatility for various applications. Being UL Listed Type 21 and UL Air Handling Approved (UL AH-2), they exhibit top-notch quality and adherence to safety standards.


Ideal for Electrical, Telecommunication, and General Contractor applications, these Plenum Cable Ties are engineered for excellence. The UL Flame Rating of 94V-2 underscores their fire-resistant properties, providing an added layer of security. Whether used as Cable Ties, Zip Ties, Plenum Zip Ties, or Air Handling Ties, these ties deliver uncompromising performance.


Upgrade your cable management system with confidence, knowing that ZTY-PR7.5-50-MH Plenum Mounting Head Ties combine durability, safety, and compliance. Experience peace of mind in your installations, supported by a product that excels in critical environments.