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ZTY-PR14-50 14" Plenum Rated Cable Ties - 50Lb Tensile

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Ensure compliance with safety codes using ZTY-PR14-50 14" Plenum Rated Cable Ties, engineered for air handling spaces, including Plenum chambers. These cable ties boast a robust 50lb tensile strength, providing secure bundling for electrical and telecommunication systems.


Crafted to meet the rigorous UL 62275 standards, these ties guarantee low smoke generation, low heat release, and exceptional mechanical strength. With a UL Listed Type 21 classification, they are approved for use in air handling spaces (UL AH-2), adhering to strict safety protocols. The impressive 94V-2 flame rating underscores their fire-resistant properties, ensuring enhanced safety in diverse environments.


Ideal for general contractors, these Plenum Cable Ties are designed for versatility and reliability. Whether used in telecommunications or electrical installations, their performance remains unmatched. The zip ties offer a seamless solution for securing cables in Plenum spaces, where adherence to safety codes is paramount.


Incorporating these Plenum Zip Ties into your projects signifies a commitment to quality and safety. Their durability and compliance with UL standards make them a trusted choice for professionals in the field. Elevate your cable management with these Air Handling Ties, providing peace of mind in critical installations where safety and reliability are non-negotiable.