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ZTY-MH14-050 14" Mounting Head Zip Ties - 50Lb Tensile

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Enhance your bundling solutions with our ZTY-MH14-050 14" Mounting Head Zip Ties. Designed for versatility, these cable ties are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting applications. With a robust 50lb tensile strength, they ensure secure fastening in any setting.


The #10 screw-compatible mounting head facilitates easy installation on various surfaces, providing a reliable solution for your cable management needs. Say goodbye to concerns about strength and durability; our zip ties feature a one-piece, self-locking head and pawl mechanism, reinforcing your connections for long-lasting stability.


Crafted from high-quality nylon 6/6, these cable ties offer a resilient and versatile bundling solution. Whether you're securing cables in an electrical setup, optimizing telecommunications infrastructure, or managing general contracting projects, these nylon ties are up to the task.


The innovative design of our mounting head cable ties not only simplifies installation but also adds an extra layer of strength to your bundling requirements. Trust in the durability and reliability of ZTY-MH14-050 to streamline your cable organization, making it an essential tool for professionals in the electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting fields.


Upgrade your cable management arsenal with these nylon ties, designed to excel in diverse environments. ZTY-MH14-050 ensures a secure, efficient, and tidy solution for your bundling needs, making it the go-to choice for professionals who demand excellence in every project.