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ZTY-MH05-040 5" Mounting Head Zip Ties - 40Lb Tensile

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Secure and organize your cables effortlessly with the ZTY-MH05-040 5" Mounting Head Zip Ties. Engineered for versatility, these cable ties offer a robust solution for electrical, telecommunication, and general contractor applications. The one-piece design ensures maximum strength, while the self-locking head and pawl enhance durability, providing a reliable mounting option for wire and cable management.


Easily affix these ties to any surface using a #8 screw, streamlining your installation process. Crafted from high-quality nylon 6/6, these mounting head cable ties deliver exceptional tensile strength, guaranteeing a secure bundling solution. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, these nylon zip ties offer a dependable and efficient way to manage and secure your cables.


Experience the convenience of organized wiring with the ZTY-MH05-040 Mounting Head Zip Ties. Upgrade your cable management system with these reliable, one-piece nylon cable ties, designed to meet the demands of various applications. Perfect for both small-scale projects and larger installations, these cable ties ensure a tidy and secure solution for all your bundling needs.