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ZTY-IR14-MH 14" Impact Resist: Mounting Head - 120 Tensile

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Experience unmatched durability with the ZTY-IR14-MH 14" Impact Resist Cable Tie. Engineered for resilience, this cable tie boasts a robust design tailored for high impact, vibration, temperature, and extreme weather conditions. Bid farewell to downtime caused by tie breakage – invest in a solution that stands up to the toughest challenges.


Designed with a mounting head, this cable tie provides a superior alternative for applications requiring both strength and secure attachment. Ideal for electrical, telecommunication, and general contractor needs, the ZTY-IR14-MH ensures a reliable and long-lasting solution for cable management.


Take advantage of its impressive tensile strength of 120, providing a sturdy hold for various cable management requirements. Whether you're securing cables in high-vibration environments or facing extreme temperatures as low as -40°C, this impact-resistant zip tie offers unmatched performance.


Installation flexibility is a key feature, allowing for use in temperatures as low as -4°C. No more worrying about cold temperature fracturing during outdoor installations. Choose a cable tie that goes beyond the ordinary – the ZTY-IR14-MH is your go-to solution for dependable cable management in challenging conditions.


Incorporating the latest in cable tie technology, this product ensures a secure and lasting hold, minimizing the need for replacements. Embrace the reliability of impact-resistant cable ties and experience the difference in durability and performance. Elevate your cable management with the ZTY-IR14-MH 14" Impact Resist Cable Tie – where toughness meets reliability.