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ZTY-IR14 14" Impact Resist Cable Tie - 120Lb Tensile

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Tackle the toughest cable management challenges with the ZTY-IR14 14" Impact Resist Cable Tie. Boasting an impressive 120lb tensile strength, this zip tie is a superior solution for environments demanding durability beyond the ordinary.


Engineered for high impact, vibration, temperature extremes, and harsh weather conditions, the IMPACT tie sets a new standard for cable tie resilience. Say goodbye to downtime caused by cracked and broken ties – the ZTY-IR14 ensures unwavering performance under the harshest circumstances.


Designed for versatility, this cable tie facilitates installation at temperatures as low as -4°, withstanding cold temperature fracturing down to an impressive -40° in outdoor settings. Whether you're in the electrical, telecommunication, or general contracting industry, the ZTY-IR14 is your go-to choice for reliable cable management.


No more compromises on performance – embrace the strength of the ZTY-IR14 Impact Resist Cable Tie. Ideal for applications where standard ties fall short, this cable tie excels in providing a secure and lasting solution. Upgrade your cable management strategy with a product that delivers on its promises.