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ZTY-IR07-MH 7" Impact Resist Mounting Head Tie - 50Lb Tensile

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Tackle demanding applications with the ZTY-IR07-MH 7" Impact Resist Mounting Head Tie - a robust solution designed for extreme conditions. Engineered to withstand high impact, vibrations, elevated temperatures, and harsh weather, this cable tie ensures unparalleled durability.


Ideal for heavy equipment operations, diesel engine repairs, and outdoor installations, including direct sunlight exposure. The IMPACT tie minimizes breakage, providing a reliable solution for critical environments where untimely shutdowns and repairs are not an option.


Crafted for the electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting industries, these cable ties offer a 50lb tensile strength, making them a superior choice for securing cables in challenging situations. The innovative mounting head design enhances stability, reducing the risk of failures that could disrupt operations.


Say goodbye to concerns about cable tie reliability – the ZTY-IR07-MH guarantees a secure and lasting hold in the face of tough conditions. Trust in the resilience of Impact Resist Cable Ties for peace of mind in critical installations.