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ZTY-IDP-2.3 2.375" X 1" Vertical/Horizontal ID Plate

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Effortlessly enhance organization and identification in your electrical, telecommunication, or general contracting projects with the ZTY-IDP-2.3 2.375" X 1" Vertical/Horizontal ID Plate. This versatile accessory is designed for seamless integration, allowing you to imprint or handwrite vital information such as cable assembly numbers with ease.


The ID Plate's adaptability shines through with the option to install it either vertically or horizontally, providing flexibility tailored to your specific application needs. Whether you're managing intricate electrical setups, telecommunications networks, or overseeing general contracting projects, this plate ensures a straightforward solution for efficient cable tie organization.


Crafted with precision, the ID Plate features a slot width of 4.57 mm and a slot height of 2.03 mm, accommodating various cable tie sizes securely. Its sturdy construction guarantees durability in demanding environments, maintaining the integrity of your identification system over time. Ideal for cable tie accessories, the ZTY-IDP-2.3 ID Plate seamlessly integrates into your cable management system, offering a reliable platform for marking and categorizing cables.


Say goodbye to the hassle of disorganized cables and embrace the efficiency of the ZTY-IDP-2.3 ID Plate. Elevate your cable identification game, streamline your workflow, and ensure accuracy in labeling, all with this compact and versatile accessory. Trust in its quality to meet the demands of your projects, whether big or small, and experience the convenience of a well-organized and easily identifiable cable system.