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ZTY-ID3-07 7" Long 50 Lb ID 3-Plate Cable Ties

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Ideal for electrical, telecommunication, and general contractor applications, the ZTY-ID3-07 7" Long 50Lb ID 3-Plate Cable Ties are a versatile solution for organizing and labeling cables in tight spaces. With a length of 7 inches, these cable ties provide ample room for imprinting or handwriting essential information, such as cable assembly numbers or identification details.


Designed with multiple head options, these ID cable ties offer a convenient and spacious area to display important text using various identification methods. Whether you prefer imprinting directly on the tie or opting for handwritten labels, these cable ties accommodate your chosen identification process with ease.


Perfectly suited for wiring closets and situations where space is limited, these cable ties ensure efficient cable management without compromising on clarity and organization. The nylon construction ensures durability and reliability, providing a secure hold for cables while also allowing for easy identification.


For a polished and professional finish, take advantage of our LSR laser printable labels. Easily print your information on these labels and adhere them to the cable ties for a sleek and organized appearance. This method not only enhances the overall look but also streamlines the identification process, making it quick and efficient.


Incorporate these ID plate zip ties into your cable management strategy to enjoy the benefits of a well-organized and labeled system. Whether you're working on electrical projects, telecommunication installations, or general contracting tasks, these cable ties provide a reliable and efficient solution. Upgrade your cable management with the ZTY-ID3-07 7" Long 50Lb ID 3-Plate Cable Ties – the perfect blend of functionality and professionalism.