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ZTY-ID2-07 7 " Long 50 Lb ID 2-Plate Cable Ties

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Discover the versatility and convenience of ZTY-ID2-07 7" Long 50 Lb ID 2-Plate Cable Ties, designed to meet the specific needs of electrical, telecommunication, and general contractor applications. These cable ties boast a length of 7 inches, making them ideal for a variety of uses in wiring closets or tight spaces.


With a robust 50 lb tensile strength, these nylon cable ties are built to securely organize and fasten your cables. What sets them apart is the provision for imprinting or hand writing text on the multiple head ID plates, allowing you to label cables with important information, cable assembly numbers, or any identification details you require.


The generous surface area of the ID plate cable ties accommodates either imprinting or hand-written labeling methods, providing flexibility in choosing the identification approach that suits your preferences. For a polished and professional appearance, consider using our LSR laser printable labels. These labels offer a seamless solution for printing your information before effortlessly adhering them to the cable ties, ensuring a clean and organized presentation.


Whether you're a seasoned professional in the electrical or telecommunications industry or a general contractor seeking reliable cable management solutions, these ID zip ties are a must-have. Elevate your cable organization game with the ZTY-ID2-07 cable ties, combining durability, versatility, and ease of identification. Secure your cables confidently with these high-quality, purpose-built cable ties that cater to the demands of modern industries.