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ZTY-FL-04 4" Long - 18 Lb Strength Id Flag Cable Tie

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Enhance your cable management with our ZTY-FL-04 4" Long - 18Lb Strength ID Flag Cable Ties. These 4-inch wonders are engineered for precision in labeling and identifying cables, making them an indispensable asset for electrical work, telecommunication setups, and general contracting projects.


Designed to simplify cable organization, our nylon cable ties offer a robust solution with an impressive 18lb strength. The 4-inch length strikes the perfect balance for versatile use in various applications, ensuring you have the flexibility needed for effective cable management.


In cluttered wiring closets or confined spaces, the ID flag feature of these cable ties becomes a game-changer. Whether you prefer imprinting or hand-writing, these ties provide a reliable surface for adding essential information, such as cable assembly numbers or other identification details.


For a polished and professional touch, our cable ties pair seamlessly with our LSR laser printable labels. Easily print crucial information on the labels and effortlessly adhere them to the ties. This innovative approach not only streamlines the identification process but also adds a level of sophistication to your cable organization efforts.


Perfect for electricians, telecommunication specialists, and general contractors, our flag cable ties are a must-have tool in your kit. Trust in the durability of nylon cable ties and the convenience of clear identification in your projects. Elevate your cable management game with ZTY-FL-04 4" Long - 18Lb Strength ID Flag Cable Ties—because organized cables lead to efficient systems.