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ZTY-EZ06 6" Tie - 30 Strength EZ -Off ® Cable Tie

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The ZTY-EZ06 6" Tie - 30 Strength EZ-Off® Cable Tie is your go-to solution for swift and hassle-free temporary applications. Commonly referred to as "tote box ties," these EZ-Off® ties boast a breakaway tab, allowing for effortless removal without the need for any special tools. Simplify your projects with these 6" long ties that effortlessly cater to various needs in the electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting domains.


Crafted from high-quality nylon, these ties ensure durability and reliability, providing a secure hold for your bundles with a strength rating of 30. The EZ-Off® feature adds an extra layer of convenience, making these ties ideal for applications where easy removal is essential. Whether you're managing cables or organizing components, these ties offer the flexibility you need.


Available in a range of select colors, these ties facilitate color code identification, streamlining your workflow and enhancing organization. This feature is particularly beneficial in scenarios where quick identification is crucial. Plus, with a length of 6", they are tailored for versatility, accommodating various bundle diameters of up to 1.25".


Ideal for professionals in the electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting fields, these EZ-Off® Cable Ties provide a reliable and efficient solution to meet your bundling needs. Upgrade your toolkit with the assurance of quick and straightforward tie applications and removals, courtesy of the innovative EZ-Off® feature. Simplify your projects and enhance your workflow with the ZTY-EZ06 Cable Tie – a must-have for any toolkit.