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ZTY-6" Blank 2x1 Flag Tie

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Effortlessly streamline wire and cable identification with our ZTY-6" Blank 2x1 Flag Ties. These flag marker ties provide a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for your electrical, telecommunication, or general contracting needs.


Designed for quick identification, these blank flag ties allow you to color code your wires and cables, facilitating efficient asset management. Whether you're organizing complex electrical systems or managing extensive telecommunication networks, our flag ties are the practical choice.


Take advantage of their versatility by using them as promotional products for your company branding. Seamlessly integrate your message with a permanent marker or personalize the flag area with an adhesive label for an economical custom look. This not only enhances organization but also serves as an effective method to convey your brand message.


These ties, also known as cable ties, tie wraps, or zip ties, offer durability and reliability, ensuring that your cables stay organized and secure. The 6" length provides flexibility for various applications, making them a valuable asset for any project.