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ZTY-6" Blank 1x0.5 Flag Tie

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Our ZTY-6" Blank 1x0.5 Flag Ties redefine wire and cable organization with a smart and budget-friendly solution. Designed for electrical, telecommunication, and general contractor needs, these versatile flag ties simplify cable management while allowing for easy identification.


Effortlessly color code your wires and cables for swift recognition, enhancing efficiency in any setting. Ideal for asset management, our blank flag ties ensure that you can organize and identify your cables with precision, reducing the risk of confusion and streamlining operations.


Looking for a unique way to promote your company? These flag ties serve as more than just cable organizers – they're a powerful promotional tool. Enhance your brand visibility by using them as promotional products at events or incorporating them into your everyday operations. Deliver your message effectively and leave a lasting impression.


Customization is key, and our blank flag ties offer the flexibility you need. Write directly on the flag with a permanent marker or affix a personalized label for a cost-effective and customized appearance. This ensures a professional and tailored look without breaking the bank.


Whether you're a seasoned professional in the electrical or telecommunications industry, a general contractor, or simply seeking efficient cable management solutions, our flag ties, also known as cable ties, tie wraps, or zip ties, are a must-have. Upgrade your cable organization game with ZTY-6" Blank 1x0.5 Flag Ties – where practicality meets promotion.