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ZTY-3" Blank 2x3-Flag Tie

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Effortlessly streamline wire and cable identification with our ZTY-3" Blank 2x3-Flag Tie – a cost-effective solution for electrical, telecommunication, and general contractor needs. These versatile flag marker ties facilitate easy color coding, ensuring swift and accurate identification of wires and cables. Perfect for efficient asset management, these ties also serve as an excellent promotional tool for enhancing company branding.


Utilize these write-on flag ties to convey your message clearly and unmistakably. With the option to use a permanent marker or affix a personalized label to the flag area, you can achieve an economical custom look tailored to your specific needs. The write-on feature makes these ties a practical choice for labeling cables in diverse settings, from intricate electrical systems to telecommunications setups.


These cable ties, also known as tie wraps, offer a reliable and durable solution for organizing and securing cables. Whether you're a general contractor in need of efficient wire management or a telecommunications professional looking to streamline cable identification, our ZTY-3" Blank 2x3-Flag Tie is the answer.


Enhance your brand visibility by using these ties as a promotional product. Imprint your company logo or message on the flag area for a distinctive and memorable touch. Ideal for trade shows, conferences, or corporate events, these flag ties provide a unique and practical giveaway that reinforces your brand identity.