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ZTY-36-175 Heavy Duty Zip Ties: 36" Tie-175Lb Tensile

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ZTY-36-175 Heavy Duty Zip Ties are the go-to solution for securing and organizing in demanding environments. With a substantial length of 36 inches and an impressive 175lb tensile strength, these heavy-duty cable ties provide unmatched durability and reliability.


Designed with versatility in mind, our nylon cable ties are suitable for a range of applications, including electrical installations, telecommunication setups, and projects managed by general contractors. The robust construction ensures a secure hold, making them ideal for bundling and fastening cables in various settings.


The ZTY-36-175 Heavy Duty Zip Ties are not just strong; they are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of air handling spaces. Their resistance to mold growth adds an extra layer of reliability, making them a top choice for environments where maintaining air quality is paramount.


Safety is a priority, especially in HVAC systems, and these heavy-duty cable ties rise to the occasion. Meeting low smoke spread standards, they contribute to a secure operational environment. Whether you're a professional electrician, a telecommunications expert, or a general contractor, these cable ties are your trusted companions for ensuring a safe and efficient setup.


The ZTY-36-175's versatility extends to its ability to accommodate a range of bundle diameters, from 3/16" to 11". This adaptability makes them a practical choice for projects of varying scales, offering flexibility without compromising on strength.