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ZTY-300 Heavy Duty Metal Cable Tie Tool

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Effortlessly tackle heavy-duty cable management tasks with the ZTY-300 Heavy Duty Metal Cable Tie Tool. Engineered for superior performance, this tool is designed for installing and tensioning cable ties with a robust tensile strength range of 120lb to 175lb.


Streamline your wire harness and bundling installations with the simple yet powerful operation of this heavy metal cable tie tool. Achieve precision in securing cables by cinching the tie to your desired bundle diameter, then smoothly activate the tool trigger to effortlessly cut any excess strap, leaving a clean, flush finish at the cable tie's head.


Ideal for professionals in electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting fields, the ZTY-300 is a Cable Tie Cutter and Tensioner combined, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in cable management tasks. Its heavy-duty construction guarantees durability and longevity, making it a reliable companion for various applications.


Upgrade your cable tie tool arsenal with this essential accessory that not only saves you valuable time but also enhances the overall efficiency of your cable management processes. Trust in the ZTY-300 to provide a seamless experience in handling heavy-duty cable ties, offering unparalleled performance for your bundling needs.