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ZTY-24-175 Heavy Duty Zip Ties: 24" Tie-175 Tensile

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Introducing the ZTY-24-175 Heavy Duty Zip Ties: your ultimate solution for robust cable management in a variety of applications. With a generous length of 24 inches and an impressive tensile strength of 175 pounds, these heavy-duty nylon cable ties are engineered to meet the demanding needs of electrical, telecommunication, and general contractor projects.


Designed for use in air handling spaces, these duct straps boast resistance to mold growth, ensuring a reliable performance even in challenging environments. The ZTY-24-175 Heavy Duty Zip Ties offer a secure and efficient solution for bundling cables with a versatile bundle diameter range of 3/16" to 4-1/3". This flexibility makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, providing a tidy and organized solution for cable management.


Safety is paramount, especially in HVAC systems. These cable ties go above and beyond by meeting requirements for low smoke spread, guaranteeing a secure operation within HVAC systems. This feature adds an extra layer of assurance, making them an excellent choice for projects where safety is a top priority.


Whether you're an electrical professional, a telecommunications expert, or a general contractor, these heavy-duty cable ties are your go-to solution. The ZTY-24-175 Heavy Duty Zip Ties offer durability, reliability, and versatility, making them an indispensable tool for securing and organizing cables in various settings.