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ZTY-2.8-08 Mirco Ties 2.8" - 8Lb Tensile

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Discover the perfect solution for your intricate wiring needs with our ZTY-2.8-08 Micro Ties. Tailored for precision, these 2.8-inch wonders boast an impressive 8-pound tensile strength, making them the go-to choice for RC hobbyists, crafters, and professionals in the electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting fields.


Crafted from durable nylon, our micro cable ties offer unbeatable reliability for securing small wires and components. Tame the chaos of your projects with these versatile ties, ensuring a tidy and organized result every time. Their compact size and robust construction make them an invaluable tool for managing delicate wiring setups.


These micro cable ties are not only practical but also adaptable. Whether you're working on an RC project, pursuing crafting endeavors, or engaging in general contracting tasks, these ties prove indispensable. Enjoy the ease of use and confidence in their performance, even in demanding environments.


ID plate projects are a breeze with our micro cable ties. Enhance wire and small cable identification effortlessly, thanks to the secure and firm grip provided by these ties. The precision and reliability of the ZTY-2.8-08 Micro Ties make them an essential addition to your toolkit, ensuring efficiency in every project.


Step into a world of convenience and order your set of micro cable ties today. Elevate your cable management game with the assurance of quality, durability, and functionality. Whether you're an enthusiast or a seasoned professional, these ties are designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Unleash the potential of precision with the ZTY-2.8-08 Micro Ties – where small cables meet big solutions.