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ZTY-18" BVR 18 " Long X .5" Wide Velcro Reusable Cable Tie

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Introducing the ZTY-18" BVR, your ultimate solution for hassle-free cable management. These Velcro Reusable Cable Ties offer unparalleled versatility, catering to the needs of professionals in electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting fields.


Crafted for convenience, these 18" long black Hook & Loop straps are pre-cut at a width of 1/2", ensuring effortless installation and secure bundling of hoses, cables, and more. The adjustable and reusable design allows for easy modifications, making them a cost-effective and sustainable choice.


Featuring a head width of 3/4" and a strap width of 1/2", these cable ties provide a sturdy grip while remaining sleek and unobtrusive. The simple yet effective design allows for quick and straightforward application—just loop through the eye and secure it by sticking it to itself.


What sets the ZTY-18" BVR apart is its portability. Arriving on a convenient roll, these cable ties are easy to carry and deploy on the go, ensuring that you have a reliable cable management solution wherever your work takes you.


Whether you're an electrical professional, a telecommunications expert, or a general contractor, these Velcro Ties are a must-have in your toolkit. Experience the convenience of efficient cable organization with these Velcro Reusable Cable Ties, the trusted choice for securing your valuable equipment in any setting.