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ZTY-18-175 Heavy Duty Zip Ties: 24" Tie-175 Tensile

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Experience the unparalleled strength and reliability of our ZTY-18-175 Heavy Duty Zip Ties, meticulously crafted for a multitude of applications. With an impressive length of 24 inches and a robust 175-pound tensile strength, these cable ties are engineered for heavy-duty tasks in electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting projects.


Designed to excel in air handling spaces, our zip ties are not only durable but also resistant to mold growth, ensuring a long-lasting and secure solution for your needs. The versatility of these ties is further highlighted by their ability to accommodate bundle diameters ranging from 3/16" to 4-1/3", providing flexibility in various applications.


Safety is paramount, especially in HVAC systems, and our ZTY-18-175 Heavy Duty Zip Ties meet the requirements for low smoke spread. This feature guarantees a secure and reliable operation in HVAC systems, making them an ideal choice for professionals in the field.


Whether you're an electrical specialist, a telecommunication expert, or a general contractor, these heavy-duty nylon cable ties, also known as tie wraps, are tailored to meet the demands of your industry. The reinforced construction ensures a secure and stable bundling of cables, wires, or other materials, making them an indispensable tool in your toolkit.


Don't compromise on quality and performance – choose the ZTY-18-175 Heavy Duty Zip Ties for a seamless and efficient cable management solution. Trust in the durability of our ties to handle even the toughest tasks, providing you with peace of mind and reliability on every project. Elevate your cable management game with these heavy-duty cable ties that truly stand the test of time.