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ZTY-14-120-TZ 14"-120Lb Strength Tefzel ® Cable Ties

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Designed for demanding applications in electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting, the ZTY-14-120-TZ is a robust 14" cable tie with an impressive 120lb tensile strength. Crafted from Tefzel® fluoropolymer, these cable ties offer unparalleled durability and resilience in harsh environments.


Tefzel®'s unique properties make these cable ties resistant to sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrofluoric acid, and radiation, ensuring longevity even in the most challenging conditions. Whether you're securing cables in a telecommunications network or managing electrical wiring on a construction site, these cable ties provide a reliable solution.


The 14" length of these ties offers versatility, accommodating various cable sizes and bundling requirements. With a substantial 120lb tensile strength, they provide a secure and lasting hold, minimizing the risk of cable damage or disarray. The ZTY-14-120-TZ is the go-to choice for professionals seeking dependable cable management solutions.


Ideal for general contractors, electricians, and telecommunication specialists, these Tefzel® cable ties streamline installation processes and enhance overall system reliability. The corrosion-resistant nature of Tefzel® ensures that these cable ties maintain their integrity over time, even in challenging industrial settings.


Engineered for efficiency, these cable ties facilitate quick and easy installations, reducing downtime on projects. The discreet yet robust design ensures a tidy cable management solution, essential for both functionality and aesthetics. The ZTY-14-120-TZ is not just a cable tie; it's a reliable partner for professionals in diverse industries.