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ZTY-12" BVR 12" Long X .5" Wide Velcro Reusable Cable Tie

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Discover the ZTY-12" BVR, your versatile solution for organized cable management. These 12" long, black Hook & Loop Velcro Reusable Cable Ties offer a simple and efficient 1/2" wide precut design, catering to various applications in electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting.


Designed for convenience, these reusable zip ties come neatly arranged on a roll, making them effortlessly portable. No need for tools or hassle; unroll an individual piece, loop it through itself, and achieve a secure, releasable cable tie. The user-friendly design ensures a quick and easy cable management process, saving you time on installations or adjustments.


With a head width of 3/4" and a strap width of 1/2", these Velcro ties provide a reliable solution for bundling and securing cables in tight spaces. The durable Hook & Loop mechanism ensures a strong grip, offering a dependable hold for your cables without the worry of slippage.


Ideal for professionals in electrical work, telecommunication setups, or general contracting projects, these Velcro Reusable Cable Ties are a must-have accessory. Whether you're organizing cables in a server room, setting up telecommunications equipment, or managing wiring on a construction site, the ZTY-12" BVR delivers the flexibility and reliability you need.


Upgrade your cable management with these Velcro Ties, also known as Velcro Cable Ties or Velcro Wraps, and experience the efficiency of a tool-free, reusable solution. Streamline your workflow, reduce clutter, and keep your workspace tidy with the ZTY-12" BVR Velcro Reusable Cable Ties.