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ZTY-07-050-TZ 7"-50Lb Strength Tefzel ® Cable Ties

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Upgrade your cable management game with our ZTY-07-050-TZ 7"-50Lb Strength Tefzel® Cable Ties. Designed for excellence in the electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting fields, these Tefzel fluoropolymer cable ties redefine durability and reliability.


Experience unparalleled resistance with Tefzel® fluoropolymer, guarding against sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrofluoric acid, and radiation. Our cable ties are engineered to withstand even the harshest environments, ensuring longevity and performance under diverse conditions.


With a remarkable strength of 50 pounds, these cable ties provide secure bundling for a variety of applications. Whether you're managing cables for electrical systems, telecommunications networks, or general construction projects, these Tefzel® cable ties deliver the strength and reliability you need.


Featuring a user-friendly design, these cable ties are easy to install and ensure a tight, secure fit. The 7-inch length accommodates a bundle diameter of up to 1.81", offering flexibility in managing different cable sizes. Say goodbye to the hassle of loose and tangled cables; our cable ties provide a neat and organized solution for your projects.


The ZTY-07-050-TZ cable ties are the go-to choice for professionals in the electrical, telecommunication, and general contracting industries. Versatile and dependable, they simplify cable management, saving you time and effort on every project.


Whether you're a seasoned electrician, a telecommunications expert, or a general contractor, these cable ties are a must-have in your toolkit. Trust in the reliability of Tefzel® fluoropolymer and the strength of our cable ties to enhance the efficiency and organization of your work. Upgrade to excellence with the ZTY-07-050-TZ 7"-50Lb Strength Tefzel® Cable Ties – the ultimate solution for your cable management needs.