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ZTY-05-018 Miniature Zip Ties: 5" Tie-18Lb Tensile

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Meet the ZTY-05-018 Miniature Zip Ties, your perfect solution for securing and organizing with ease. With a 5-inch length and an impressive 18lb tensile strength, these cable ties are designed for versatility. Ideal for bundle diameters ranging from 1/16" to 1-1/4", they provide reliable support in various applications.


Whether you're working on electrical projects, telecommunications setups, or general contracting tasks, these mini cable ties are your go-to choice. Crafted from durable nylon, they ensure a secure hold, making them an essential tool in your toolbox. The miniature size allows for precise use, providing neat and efficient cable management.


One standout application is attaching ID plates to cables for durable and highly visible marking. This feature is especially valuable for organizational purposes, ensuring easy identification in complex setups. The 18lb tensile strength guarantees a firm grip, securing your cables in place with confidence.


Versatility is key, and these cable ties deliver. Perfect for use around the house, in the office, or on professional job sites, they adapt to any environment. The vibrant selection of colors available adds a touch of personalization, allowing you to color-code your cables or simply add a splash of style to your projects.


Upgrade your cable management game with the ZTY-05-018 Miniature Zip Ties. Reliable, durable, and versatile – these ties are the must-have solution for any project, big or small.