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ZTY-04-018 Miniature Zip Ties: 4" Tie-18Lb Tensile

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Perfect for small diameter wiring projects or tight spaces, the ZTY-04-018 Miniature Zip Ties are a versatile solution for your cable management needs. Also known as zip-ties or tie-wraps, these Nylon 6/6 cable ties come in a range of colors to suit your preferences.


With an impressive 18lb tensile strength, these 4" ties are ideal for various applications, making them a must-have in your toolbox, around the house, or in the office. Their miniature size ensures they are perfect for intricate projects and areas with limited space.


Whether you're an electrician, telecommunications professional, general contractor, or a DIY enthusiast, these cable ties are designed to meet your needs. The general-purpose nature of these ties makes them incredibly handy for a wide range of applications.


Recommended for bundle diameters ranging from 1/16" to 7/8", these mini cable ties provide a secure and reliable solution for organizing and securing your wiring. Their durable Nylon construction ensures longevity and resilience, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Upgrade your cable management game with these high-quality miniature cable ties. Organize your electrical, telecommunication, or general contracting projects with ease. Trust in the reliability of ZTY-04-018 for efficient and tidy results every time. Get your hands on these essential tie wraps and experience the convenience of top-notch cable management.