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ZTY-014-050 Standard Zip Ties: 14" Tie-50Lb Tensile

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Discover versatility and strength with our ZTY-014-050 Standard Zip Ties. These 14" cable ties boast a robust 50lb tensile strength, making them the go-to choice for bundling, fastening, and securing a wide array of applications.


Crafted to accommodate bundle diameters ranging from 1/16" to 4-1/8", these standard cable ties offer reliability across various scenarios. Whether you're in the electrical, telecommunication, or general contracting field, these ties provide a secure solution for your needs.


Customization is key, and our standard cable ties allow you to promote your company branding or convey important messages like "call before service." Explore our Custom Imprint Ties section for detailed options to make these ties uniquely yours.


Made from durable nylon, these standard zip ties ensure long-lasting performance, maintaining their integrity even in challenging environments. Their versatile nature makes them ideal for use as electrical cable ties, telecommunication cable ties, or general-purpose tie wraps.


Trust in the strength of our ZTY-014-050 Standard Zip Ties for a secure and customizable solution to your bundling and fastening requirements. Elevate your cable management with these reliable and versatile standard cable ties.