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ZTY-011-050 Standard Zip Ties: 11" Tie-50Lb Tensile

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Our versatile ZTY-011-050 Standard Zip Ties offer a reliable solution for a myriad of bundling, fastening, and securing applications. At a convenient length of 11 inches, these cable ties boast a robust 50lb tensile strength, ensuring durability and dependability in various tasks.


Designed for versatility, our standard cable ties are ideal for managing bundle diameters ranging from a slender 1/16" to a substantial 3-1/16". Whether you're working in electrical, telecommunication, or general contracting, these ties provide a secure and efficient means of organization.


In addition to their functional excellence, our standard zip ties offer the option for personalization. Elevate your brand visibility or convey important contact information with customized messages like "call before service." Explore our Custom Imprint Ties section for detailed information on how to tailor these ties to your specific needs.


Crafted from high-quality nylon, these cable ties, also known as tie wraps, ensure longevity and reliability. The robust material makes them suitable for a wide array of applications, providing a steadfast solution in various professional settings.


Engineered with the keywords in mind – electrical, telecommunication, general contractor, cable tie, standard cable ties, nylon cable ties, tie wraps – our ZTY-011-050 Standard Zip Ties offer a seamless blend of strength, versatility, and customization, making them an indispensable tool for your bundling and fastening needs. Elevate your cable management with these high-quality, dependable standard cable ties.