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VM-B Voltage Marker Orange Vinyl 1.125" X 4.50"

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Bright orange and boldly imprinted, our VM-B Voltage Markers in Orange Vinyl (1.125" X 4.50") are essential for seamless identification of critical electrical components. Designed for general use, these markers are perfect for labeling conduit, cable trays, circuit breakers, and various electrical power sources. Promote safety in your workspace by clearly marking voltage and electrical hazards with these high-visibility labels.


Crafted from durable vinyl, these markers ensure longevity and withstand the rigors of industrial environments. The pressure-sensitive adhesive guarantees a secure bond to smooth surfaces, providing a reliable solution for all your labeling needs. Our Voltage Markers serve as effective safety labels, offering a visual cue that is hard to miss.


Equip your facility with the best in electrical equipment labels, designed to meet industry standards. Trust in the clarity of black imprints against the vibrant orange background, making these markers an unmistakable and crucial addition to your safety protocols. Avoid potential risks by prioritizing safety – choose VM-B Voltage Markers for accurate and visible identification of electrical power sources.