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TTR-W-RES-300M-CSO Thermal Transfer Ribbon 4.33" X 984'

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Experience unparalleled durability with the TTR-W-RES-300M-CSO Thermal Transfer Ribbon. This halogen-free W-R510HF resin ribbon stands out as one of the toughest in the market, specifically crafted to thrive in extreme environmental conditions. Its unique formulation grants it unmatched scratch and solvent resistance, ensuring longevity and readability in even the harshest settings.


Designed with precision by DNP, this ribbon boasts standard anti-static and backcoat properties, safeguarding your printhead and extending its lifespan. The W-R510HF delivers unbeatable edge definition, resulting in crisp, extremely durable, and dense barcodes. Whether you're tackling demanding industrial applications or intricate labeling tasks, this ribbon rises to the challenge.


With a generous length of 984 feet, you'll enjoy extended productivity before needing a replacement. Compatible with leading printer models like ZT1300, Godex EZ1100, Zebra, and more, the W-R510HF is versatile and ready to integrate seamlessly into your thermal transfer printing setup.


Invest in the reliability of thermal transfer printing with the Ultra Durable Resin Ribbon. Elevate your labeling game with the TTR-W-RES-300M-CSO, where resilience meets precision, setting the standard for thermal transfer resin ribbons.