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TTR-P-RES-74M-CSO Thermal Transfer Ribbon 4.33" X 243'

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Experience unparalleled performance with the TTR-P-RES-74M-CSO Thermal Transfer Ribbon – the pinnacle of thermal transfer printing technology. This 4.33" x 243' ribbon, compatible with printers like Zebra TLP-2844 and Bixolon SLP T400, stands as the industry's finest for printing on coated and synthetic paper substrates.


Crafted with precision, the TTR-P ensures optimal results on various paper types. Its 74-meter length guarantees extended printing sessions, reducing the need for frequent ribbon changes. This exceptional ribbon is your go-to solution for heat-intensive applications, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 428°F (220°C).


Designed for seamless integration, the TTR-P fits effortlessly into Zebra TLP-2844, Bixolon SLP T400, PWR15 printers, and more, making it a versatile choice for businesses with diverse printing needs. The compatibility extends to thermal transfer printing, ensuring crisp and durable imprints with every use.


What sets the TTR-P apart is its wax/resin composition, striking the perfect balance for thermal transfer printing. This ribbon excels in producing high-quality prints, especially on coated and synthetic paper substrates. Whether you're navigating heat tunnel passages or engaging in intricate printing tasks, the TTR-P guarantees precision and reliability.


Invest in a ribbon that goes beyond the ordinary – the TTR-P-RES-74M-CSO Thermal Transfer Ribbon, where innovation meets resilience. Elevate your printing experience with a ribbon designed for excellence, combining efficiency, longevity, and compatibility in every inch. Thermal transfer printing has never been this advanced.