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TTR-P-RES-300M-CSO Thermal Transfer Ribbon 4.33" X 984'

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Experience barcode perfection with the TTR-P thermal transfer ink ribbon, renowned for its unparalleled edge definition. Achieve consistently clean, remarkably durable, and densely detailed barcodes with every print. The advanced R316 or P resin formula sets this ribbon apart as the optimal choice for printing on coated and synthetic paper substrates.


Boasting a substantial length of 300 meters (984 feet), this heat-resistant ribbon ensures prolonged, uninterrupted printing operations. With a remarkable tolerance for environmental temperatures of up to 220°C (428°F), it stands resilient under demanding conditions.


Compatibility is key, and the TTR-P ribbon seamlessly integrates with leading printers such as ZT1300, Godex EZ1100, Zebra, and more. Whether you're utilizing ZT-1300, Godex EZ-1100, PWR22, or other compatible models, the TTR-P ribbon delivers consistent quality across diverse printing environments.


Unleash the power of thermal transfer printing with confidence. The TTR-P ribbon not only simplifies your printing processes but also elevates the output quality, ensuring barcodes that are not just clean but also durable and dense. This 4.33" x 984' ribbon represents the epitome of efficiency and reliability, making it the best resin ribbon for your coated and synthetic paper substrates.


Incorporating cutting-edge technology, this wax/resin ribbon excels in thermal transfer applications, providing a flawless printing solution. Elevate your barcode printing experience with the TTR-P thermal transfer ink ribbon — where precision meets durability.