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TTR-E-RES-91M-CSI Thermal Transfer Ribbon 4.33" X 299'

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Experience high-performance printing with the TTR-E-RES-91M-CSI Thermal Transfer Ribbon, a versatile solution compatible with Zebra TLP-2242, Argox OS-214, PWR 12 Plus, and select printers. This R300 General Purpose Resin Ribbon stands out for its exceptional abrasion and solvent resistance, ensuring longevity and clarity in your printed labels.


Boasting a length of approximately 299 feet (91 meters), this ribbon provides an optimal balance between efficiency and convenience. Its compatibility with popular thermal transfer printers, including Zebra's TLP-2242, ensures seamless integration into your existing setup.


The R300 ribbon's impressive print speed capability makes it a reliable choice for various applications. Whether you're addressing durability concerns or aiming for high-speed printing, this ribbon delivers consistent results. Its compatibility with select printers expands its usability, offering a versatile solution for diverse printing needs.


Ideal for thermal transfer printing, this general-purpose resin ribbon excels in delivering sharp, high-quality prints. The combination of solvent and abrasion resistance ensures that your labels withstand challenging conditions, maintaining readability and durability in harsh environments.


Upgrade your printing experience with the TTR-E-RES-91M-CSI Thermal Transfer Ribbon—a reliable and efficient solution for your general-purpose resin thermal transfer printing needs. Explore the possibilities of high-speed, high-quality printing with this exceptional ribbon designed for compatibility and performance.