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TTR-E-RES-74M-CSO Thermal Transfer Ribbon 4.33" X 243'

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Manufactured to fit Zebra TLP type printers, this 74 meter long ribbon (242.5 ft) is an excellent general purposed ribbon known for its high print speed capabilities and ability to use less print energy. Specially designed by DNP, this R-300 thermal transfer ribbon offers incredible abrasion and solvent resistance, making it one of the most diverse resin ribbons of its kind.

  • Compatible Argox OS-214, PWR 12-Plus, Zebra TLP 2422, and other Zebra TLP type printers.

  • 242.5 Feet Long (74 Meters)

  • R300 General Purpose Resin Ribbon

  • Abrasion and Solvent Resistant

  • High print speed capability uses less print energy