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TTR-E-RES-74M-CSO Thermal Transfer Ribbon 4.33" X 243'

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Optimize your printing efficiency with the TTR-E-RES-74M-CSO Thermal Transfer Ribbon, meticulously crafted for Zebra TLP type printers. This 74-meter (242.5 ft) marvel boasts exceptional general-purpose performance, excelling in high-speed printing while conserving print energy. Engineered by DNP, the R-300 thermal transfer ribbon sets a benchmark with its unrivaled abrasion and solvent resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability in diverse applications.


Designed for compatibility with printers like Argox OS-214, PWR 12-Plus, Zebra TLP 2422, and other Zebra TLP type models, this ribbon delivers seamless integration and optimal results. Its extended length of 242.5 feet (74 meters) means fewer interruptions, enabling a continuous and smooth printing experience.


The R300 General Purpose Resin Ribbon is a testament to precision and durability. Experience heightened print speed capabilities without compromising on energy efficiency, thanks to its advanced design. This ribbon is engineered for excellence, ensuring crisp and clear prints with every use.


What sets this thermal transfer ribbon apart is its remarkable resistance to abrasion and solvents, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you're printing labels for shipping, inventory, or any other purpose, this ribbon guarantees longevity and readability, even in challenging environments.


Invest in reliability, compatibility, and performance with the TTR-E-RES-74M-CSO Thermal Transfer Ribbon. Elevate your thermal transfer printing experience with a ribbon that goes beyond expectations.