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TTR-E-RES-410M-CSI Thermal Transfer Ribbon 4.33" X 1345'

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The TTR-E thermal transfer resin ribbon is a general purpose side-inward ribbon designed with a high speed capability. This 1345 foot TTP ribbon uses less print energy and is designed with anti-static and backcoat properties that are meant to protect and extend the life of your print-heads. This general purpose resin ribbon was developed with a strong abrasion and solvent resistance, and is compatible with select Sato and Codewriter thermal transfer printers.

  • Compatible with Sato M, Codewriter UTicoder 2104T, Codewriter Legacy II, IV printers and more.

  • Side Inward General Purpose Resin TTP Ribbon

  • Uses Less Print Energy

  • High Print Speed Capability

  • Anti-Static and Back-Coat Properties Protect Your Print-Heads

  • Abrasion and Solvent Resistant