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TTR-E-RES-410M-CSI Thermal Transfer Ribbon 4.33" X 1345'

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The TTR-E thermal transfer resin ribbon, measuring 4.33" X 1345', is a versatile solution designed for high-speed thermal transfer printing. Crafted with efficiency in mind, this general-purpose ribbon ensures optimal performance while utilizing minimal print energy. Its innovative design incorporates anti-static and backcoat properties, providing a safeguard for your print heads and extending their operational lifespan.


Engineered for durability, the TTR-E ribbon boasts strong abrasion and solvent resistance, making it a reliable choice for a variety of printing applications. The ribbon is specifically compatible with Sato M, Codewriter UTicoder 2104T, Codewriter Legacy II, IV printers, and more, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup.


The side-inward orientation of this general-purpose resin ribbon enhances its user-friendly nature, while the high-speed print capability ensures efficient and timely results. Whether you're engaged in barcode printing, labeling, or other thermal transfer applications, the TTR-E ribbon delivers consistent performance with a focus on longevity and cost-effectiveness.


Experience the benefits of thermal transfer printing with a ribbon designed to meet the demands of various industries. Trust in the TTR-E-RES-410M-CSI to provide exceptional print quality, minimize energy consumption, and safeguard your equipment for extended use. Elevate your printing capabilities with this abrasion-resistant, solvent-resistant, and high-speed thermal transfer ribbon.