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THS-208 Thermal Transfer Self Laminating Label 1.0" X 7.50"

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Print Area (Width): 1"
Print Area (Height): 1.5"
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Ensure precise organization and identification in your electrical, telecommunication, and datacom environments with our THS-208 Thermal Transfer Self-Laminating Label, measuring 1.0" x 7.50". Tailored for various applications, including medical settings, these markers offer a reliable solution for any wire and cable labeling needs. The thermal transfer self-laminating labels guarantee durability, protecting vital information from wear and tear.


Efficiently manage cable systems with our wrap-around cable markers. Their design ensures a secure fit, facilitating hassle-free installation. Crafted with high-quality vinyl, our cable labels provide resilience in diverse conditions, meeting the demands of dynamic environments. The cable label tags cater to data center labeling requirements, streamlining your network organization.


Our THS-208 wire and cable markers are versatile, adapting seamlessly to any wire and cable label application. The precision in design ensures readability and longevity, supporting the integrity of your labeling system.