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RWB-50 Self Laminating Write-On Marker Book .50" X 1.25"

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Film Type: 301 Vinyl
Print Area Color: White
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Transform your wire and cable installations with our RWB-50 Self Laminating Write-On Marker Book, measuring a convenient .50" x 1.25". This innovative solution provides an easy, in-your-hands method for marking wires and cables, ensuring a professional appearance for your electrical, telecommunication, and datacom identification needs.


Crafted from a durable vinyl-coated cloth material, the Rite & Wrap book features a permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive that adheres securely to your wires. The white area is specifically designed for handwritten labeling using a permanent marker or pen, allowing for clear and precise identification. Take control of your organization with the self-laminating feature that protects your labels from handling and environmental exposures, ensuring longevity and readability.


Ideal for general use, this Wire Marker Booklet is a versatile tool for various applications. Whether you're working on electrical projects, setting up telecommunication systems, or managing datacom installations, this marker book is your go-to companion.


The vinyl film construction of the Wire Marker Book ensures durability and resilience in diverse environments. The write-on feature allows for quick and efficient labeling, making your wire and cable management a breeze. The clear over-laminate adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your labels against wear and tear.


Experience the convenience of our Self Laminating Label Marker Book – a reliable solution that combines functionality with professionalism. Elevate your wire and cable identification game with this efficient and easy-to-use tool that meets the demands of various industries. Trust the RWB-50 to streamline your labeling process and bring a polished finish to your wire and cable installations.

What is Film Type?

301 Vinyl

A clear matte flexible vinyl film with a permanent acrylic adhesive.