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REFL-C Yellow Reflective Marker 1.375" X 1.875"

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Enhance safety in any environment with our REFL-C Yellow Reflective Markers (1.375" x 1.875"). These bright yellow markers are designed for maximum visibility in low light and adverse weather conditions. Whether you need to highlight electrical panels, indicate exit door locations, or convey critical warnings, our labels are your trusted solution.


Crafted from durable vinyl, these markers ensure long-lasting performance. The pressure-sensitive adhesive guarantees a secure bond to smooth surfaces, providing a reliable and resilient solution for a variety of applications. Their reflective properties make them indispensable for environments where visibility is paramount, offering an extra layer of safety in challenging conditions.


Perfect for electrical applications, our markers serve as effective electrical equipment labels. Their vivid color and reflective nature make them ideal for general use, effectively reducing the risk of safety mishaps. From cautionary signs to essential safety labels, our REFL-C Yellow Reflective Markers are versatile and indispensable tools for creating secure and visually prominent safety notifications.


Choose confidence in safety with our reflective markers – a simple yet powerful way to communicate crucial information in any setting.